Well-informed trainers with proper training tools are the key to unleashing your dog’s potential.

For over 30 years, Dogtra has worked closely with professional dog trainers to understand what dog owners need in their journey to develop top-notch dogs, whether it’s for e-collar training, GPS tracking, or ball training.

Trusted by professional dog trainers, K-9 officers, and hunters, Dogtra continues to release class-leading quality and durable training products with patented accurate and intuitive control to enhance your training journey.

Join us, and together we can make every dog exceptional.

Stimulation levels

Our patented Exact-stim, stimulation control offers the precise correction level for every dog's temperament. The Exact-stim gives you a wide range of stimulation without jumps in between levels.

Stimulation Types – "Nick" and "Constant"

Nick stimulation is a momentary rapid burst of stimulation to get your dogs attention. Constant stimulation is on as long as you hold the button down (up to 12 s) and is used for demanding training situations or for insensitive dogs.

Non-stimulating Attention Getter

The pager is a non-stimulating attention getter where the receiver/collar vibrates to get the dog's attention without stimulation.

Stimulation Output

Dogtra offers two types of stimulation output units. Our low/medium output units are for dogs with mild dispositions, and low/high output units are for insensitive dogs or for demanding training situations.


La stimulation "Nick" (pic en francais) est une vive et courte stimulation pour capter l'attention de votre chien. La stimulation continue est activée tant que vous appuyez sur le bouton (12 s maximum)et elle est utilisee dans les situations de dressage diffiiles ou pour les chiens peu sensibles.


Dogtra offers a full line of e-collars with different ranges for a variety of uses: 400 metres, 600 metres, 800 metres, 1200 metres, 1500 metres, 1600 metres and 15 km.

Battery Type/Charging Time

Ni-MH batteries, 10 to 12 hourr charging time. Lithium Polymer batteries, 2 to 3 hour rapid charge.

Liquid Crystal Display LCD

Le connecteur sert de relais entre le collier GPS et le smartphone ou la tablette tactile de l'utilisateur. Il communique avec le collier par antenne VHF et avec le smartphone/la tablette par Bluetooth. 


Pour Dogtra Pathfinder.

Belt clips

Some units have a belt clip for easy carrying of the transmitter.